Jornada 680, 690, 710, 720, 728, 820

parts and products for Jornada with HP model numbers :

 F1262A, F1262B, F1263A, F1263B, F1299A, F1799A, F1815A, F1813A, F1814A, F1833A, F1889A, F1816A, F1816AR, F4356A, F1260A, F1261A, F1298A 

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HP Nylon case f. HP Pocket PCs with labelling "World Economic Forum" and HP Logo

with neck holster, different small areas inside for Pocket PCs, accessories and zipper
- the shown image might look slightly different from the delivered product - for comparison purposes only
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AC adapter f. Jornada 600 series, 700 series (680, 690, 710l 720, 728) und 620LX EURO-Norm

F1279B / F1816-80125 - Original HP Produktnummer