HP Bluetooth Tastatur mit englischem Layout und Tasche in einem für HP Pro Slate 12 - K4U66AA

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380 x 290 x 38 mm - battey powered keyboard / batteriebetriebene Tastatur

K4U66AA - Original HP Produktnummer

- das angezeigte Bild kann vom tatsächlichen Aussehen der gelieferten Ware leicht abweichen - Vergleichsbild


Hardware compatibility
  • HP Pro Slate 12
Work smarter on the go, get a complete notebook experience, and help protect your HP Pro Slate 12 tablet with the HP Pro Slate 12 Bluetooth Keyboard Case—a case and battery-powered keyboard in one that folds out so you can get to work fast.


Easy to use.

Insert your tablet into the case to boost productivity with a full-featured Bluetooth® keyboard for easy content creation and quick data entry. When you want to work without the keyboard, the tablet slides easily out of the case.

Get comfortable.

Open the case to an ideal viewing angle for easy touchscreen interaction or screen viewing while you use the keyboard.

World-class support.

Rest easy with a one-year parts replacement limited warranty.


Product count per unit
Package dimensions (W x D x H)
380 x 290 x 38 mm

What's included

What's in the box
  • HP Pro Slate 12 Bluetooth Keyboard Case
  • Documentation